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It is undeniable that with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there an urgent need to transform the insurance industry claims processing and management from a labour-based business. The insurance claims department need to migrate from activities performed by the insurance workforce that neither create value, are redundant and repetitive. Many activities can be guided, or replaced entirely by, data-driven software that automates processes and drives new gross profit to the bottom-line. This approach simply requires cultural change to embrace innovation.


The Insurance Claims Forum 2019  will be held on 29, 30, 31 May 2019 at the  Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa

It is about assisting insurers to scan the horizon for the next disruptive technology. It is about maximizing claims processes with the help of digital technologies.

Some of the forum highlights include the following:


  • How is the African insurance regulatory environment coping with the speed of change in ICT, innovation and digital disruptions?
  • An appraisal of the insurance claims digitization and technology penetration in the various African geographical markets
  • How is the insurance industry is responding to new risks that does not fit the traditional lifestyles and economic activities?
  • Why is the insurance industry heading towards a more disruptive future?
  • Insurance start-ups and disruption
  • How the growth of the IOT will disrupt the industry and forced companies to change how they process claims.
  • How are AI-powered tools transforming insurance claims?
  • Automating the claims environment and its implications on the bottom-line
  • Digital strategy and digital processing in the claims department
  • What steps can insurers take to capitalize on the rise of the InsurTech?
  • Using Data to drive changes in the claims processing
  • Configuring a connected and a customer-centric future of claims 
  • The growing globalization of health insurance
  • New forms of processes that may be improving the efficiency of intermediation and claims management
  • Innovative changes and challenges that insurance claims companies expect to face in the future


To confirm your participation, you need to request a registration form, complete and email back to:


Published in May 2019