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  • DEVOPS ENGINEERS | 16-18 September 2020 | SOUTHERN SUN | HYDE PARK

    DEVOPS ENGINEERS | 16-18 September 2020 | SOUTHERN SUN | HYDE PARK

    As companies are pushing code faster and more often than ever, the rate of vulnerabilities in our systems is accelerating. As we are being asked to do more with less, DevOps has shown immense value to business and security as an integral component that needs to be integrated into the strategy.

    To book call 011 019 2200 OR EMAIL

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  • cash handling


    Despite the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, South Africa is predominantly a cash driven society with nearly 85% of all retail transactions still made with cash. This means that ATM deployments and bulk cash handling are increasing year-on-year and the scope for escalation in cash crimes such as CIT heists and ATM bombings remains very high. As a result, cash logistics and security are without doubt at the centre of operational success in any business. 

    Cash is very expensive to manage securely in South Africa and the world in general. In South Africa’s case this is because crime is on the increase, the economy is growing and the amount of cash in circulation is rising every year. The surge in adverse security situations such as robberies, hijackings, cash-in-transit heists and ATM bombings make it mandatory for businesses to constantly invest in highly efficient and effective security solutions to protect the cash as well as human life.
    This conference will provide a platform for discussing new and old cash security issues as well as offer new generation approaches for the handling and transportation of cash. We will debate on the future of cash in the growing face of digital currencies and examine what that means for cash management.

    We will also unpack new technologies and discuss how AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the cash handling industry.

    To sponsor, attend or partner call steve on 011 019 2200 or email

    Written on Wednesday, 01 July 2020 06:02 in September2020 Be the first to comment! Read 327 times