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Award Categories

Award Categories

The awards categories have been designed to cast the spotlight on the key performance drivers of the African pension industry and the organization and people behind their success. The awards categories are as follows:

1. Investment Manager of the Year
2. African Pensions Consultancy of the Year
3. Equities Manager of the Year
4. Hedge Fund Provider of the Year
5. Alternatives Investment Manager of the Year
6. Fixed Income Manager of the Year
7. Private Equity Manager of the Year
8. Infrastructure Manager of the Year
9. Property Manager of the Year
10. Multi-asset manager/provider of the year
11. Emerging Markets Manager of the Year
12. Currency Manager of the Year
13.. Risk Management Firm of the Year
14. LDI Manager of the Year

15. Passive Manager of the Year
16. ETF Provider of the Year
17. Index Provider of the Year
18. ESG/SRI Provider of the Year
19. Transition Management Firm of the Year
20. Pensions Insurance Firm of the Year
21. Custodian of the Year
22. Fiduciary Management
23. African Pensions Law Firm of the Year
24. Pension Scheme Administrator of the Year
25. Pensions Technology Provider of the Year
26. African Pensions Innovation Award
27. Master Trust Offering of the Year

For Pensions Funds Only

28. African Pension Fund of the Year
29. Sponsor Covenant Provider of the Year

For Pension Funds and Providers

30. African Pensions Personality of the Year

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